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Recording of my Education 2.0 conversation with Steve Hargadon

Steve Hargadon is a great interviewer, and about 80 members of his active Classroom 2.0 community joined via text chat. The recording (use the player controls) includes audio, video, slides, and text chat. You will be asked to allow the download and launch of a Java applet, then use the player controls to play the recording.

Why “Net Smart?”

Digital media and networked publics have emerged so quickly and broadly that our minds, relationships, and societies changed before anyone could get a handle on how they are changing. More recently, both empirical studies and works of criticism have begun to question the trade-offs involved in the transition to an always-on world. Criticism is necessary, but it isn’t sufficient — and it’s always better when it is based on more evidence than personal opinion. In addition to criticism, know-how is required. Net Smart is my attempt to furnish tools, methods, attitudes, and references for those who seek to engage technology mindfully. It’s the book I would recommend to an intelligent and open-minded but concerned and perhaps fearful parent, give to a smart high-school student, use as the textbook in a college course on social media literacies.