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Hi! I’m excited about Patreon because it gives me an opportunity and new incentives to engage, converse, co-learn, and co-create with my online public, which I started doing in 1985.

I intend to provide a continuous stream of content — something almost every day. Some of the stream will consist of curated links about topics that I’ve been looking into: mind amplifiers, digital media and learning, personal knowledge management, cooperation theory and practice, attention and metacognition, networks, technology criticism, and more. I contextualize these links by telling you why they are worthy of your attention and what they mean in a broader context. Some of the stream will consist of my artistic creations — paintings, wooden objects, electronically animated objects that emit light and sound. Some of my content will expose my creative process through videos, time-lapses of my art-making, and my ruminations on where it all comes from and where it’s going. All patrons will be able to interact with me via comments in my activity stream; patrons at the $10/month level and above will have exclusive access to an online forum where we can talk about my creations — and anything my patron community wants to talk about.